Shade House Accessories

Shade Net Clip

These gourmets are made from UV stabilized Nylon material. Net connectors or butterfly clips come very handy in securing and tying the net or shade cloth on to the structure.

Stitching Stick / Net Pins

These plastic nails also known as net needles or net pins come very handy to repair the small tears in your shade net fabric and insect net fabric. Prevent your shade cloth from further damage.

Stitching Thread

Plastic Coated Wire Rope

Ovel Clip

Rectangle Clip

R Spring or R Hook

P Spring

Cable Crosser

Wire Rope Puller

Pipe Cap

Turn Buckle

Curtain Ring

Shade Net Accessories

Cable Crosser, U Clip, Thimble, Turn Buckle, Wire Rope Puller, Foundation Bolt are different accessories used to construct a shade house. U Clip and Thimble are used to tie the wire rope. Turn Buckle is used to give necessary tension to the wire rope. Wire rope puller is used to pull the wire rope and tie it to the foundation bolt. Cable crosser is fixed on top of every pole and it holds two wire ropes while crossing.