Ground Cover

Also known as weed matt these landscaping fabrics are Black opaque woven fabrics with high tear resistance and good permeability to water. The Garden fabrics are ideal for walk ways and give your nursery a clean pleasant look. They prevent weed growth and provide easy cleaning of the ground. These weed control fabric keeps the weeds out of your way and helps you achieve a nice looking, weed free flower or plant bed. The fabric yarns are made of U.V. resistant, high density polyethylene.


Shade Net

The Shade cloth or sun control tarps are made from UV stabilized HDPE material These warp knitted fabrics cloths are  available in standard widths of 3 meter, 4 meter and 5 Meter widths and standard lengths of 50 meters. Shades available are 35%, 50% ,75% and 90%. Colors available are White, Green, Black and in combination.

Insect Net

Also known as Anti virus net or mosquito fabric these are UV stabilized HDPE woven nets available in standard widths of 4.2 meters and standard length of 50 meters.


Apron Cloth

Transparent HDPE woven cloth in 1.6 meter width. To cover the sides of your green house. UV stabilized HDPE woven fabric with High tear strength and light diffusion properties.