Green House Coverings

Creative Plastics distribute a wide range of Co-extruded multilayer greenhouse film claddings.  Greenhouse films are stocked in widths from 4.5 meters wide to 9 meters wide. The films are available in four different verities to suit a range of climatic conditions and crops. (A) White Clear Film (B), White Diffused Film, (C) Yellow Clear Film and (D) Yellow Diffused Film. U.V. stabilizers are incorporated to give longer life to all films and ensure reliable and lasting performance.  Creative Plastics offer a greenhouse film for almost every greenhouse design in the market. Low tunnel films also available on request.

low Tunnel Films

Mulch Films

Mulch Films are Co-extruded PE films with UV Stabilizers and speciality  additives to improve mechanical properties. Available in Black and Black-n-Silver colours. Widths available 1.2 meter to 2 meters. Thickness 25/30 microns. Roll length : 400/800 meters.